In the 1992 campaign for President of the United States, Clinton campaign strategist James Carville famously scrawled what would become their core message on a whiteboard, ”It’s the Economy, stupid!”   This internal rallying cry was meant to continually remind the campaign staffers what was really on the minds of American voters.

Hi.  My name is Mike Ditson.  I am a software Product Management/Marketing type who has worked in software for over eighteen years, and for the past six years worked in the field of integrated talent management.   Integrated talent management is the convergence of several automated Human Resource functions, including performance management, goal management, applicant tracking, compensation, succession, development, and learning.

Working in this field for a long time it has been easy to be distracted by all of the new possibilities of a converged HR system.  Over the years when asked “what is the value to an integrated system,” we’ve come up with every answer under the sun.  Everything from a “single vendor throat to choke,” to shared data models, to common user experience has passed through this often trod conversation.  While all of these are great answers, there is one answer that is above all others.  I have it scrawled on my whiteboard, to always remind myself — “It’s the data, stupid.”

This blog is inteded to be an ongoing discussion of all of the things HR can gain from a truly integrated system.  The opportunities, the issues, and of course…the data.

Mike Ditson


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